Invitation Workshop - MRI-US Fusion Guided Diagnostics and Thearapy of the Prostate 2019

Dear Colleaguess,

Prostate Cancer (PCa) represents one of the most fre-quently diagnosed malignant diseases among adult men. The increasing accuracy of multi-parametric mag-netic resonance imaging (mpMRI) has greatly improved the ability of localizing PCa foci and seems to become an integral part of PCa diagnosis. Due to decreased de-tection rates in repeated conventional transrectal ultra-sound (TRUS)-guided prostate biopsy, more men with prior negative biopsies and persistently elevated pros-tate-specific antigen (PSA) levels undergo mpMRI of the prostate. Real-time MRI/US fusion-guided prostate bi-opsy aligns an MR image with a transrectal US image in order to target a prostate biopsy toward a suspected lesion. Thus, the overdiagnosis of insignificant tumors may be reduced, sparing the patient an unnecessary radical treatment.
In our workshop we are focusing on multi-parametric ultrasound (mpUS), MRI/US fusion-guided prostate bi-opsy, and focal therapy of the prostate including IRE.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Berlin

Bernd Hamm - Thomas Fischer - Christoph Simm- Thorsten Schlomm